First Month

Time to get an update ^_^

So, what happened last month?
In two words: a lot…

I moved to Tenerife and made myself home…

First the horror day. Travelling form one island to another…
3 am, at the harbour. Sleepless night on board. Arriving at 8:30am in Tenerife. One hour drive up to the north, to my new “study home”… Finally there… I fell asleep for some hours…

The first days we, my friend and I, got ready my room and some home stuff. Like the kitchen… no cooker… yet…

Meanwhile I made myself home… My room is not too small nor to big… just the right size for a student. I could fit my computers, printer and study material tightly in place and still have place to study and reading.

The house is on the countryside of La Laguna, about fifteen minutes by car. Silent but easy to reach. Most days I will go to the University’s library to study and get the books I need.

As today, all is set. We have a nice kitchen made by ourself and I feel like at home.
I still have no broadband Internet… But it works somehow… at the high-speed of 125kbs… Now I’ll officially draw the dole, I’ll be able to contract a better solution.

Attended the opening ceremony.

First monday upon my arrival the opening ceremony for Pedagogy, Psychology and Social Education was held. An interesting hour of presentations and we, the attendants, got covered with a ton of information… nearly too much to digest… Fortunately I recorded it with Rec&Player App  and took notes ^_^

Got my first University ID!

Yay! I got my first University ID! ^_^
The first time in my life I feel like a University student ^_^

Attended the first tutorials.

The first on-site tutorial where introductions…
Each tutor introduced itself and the subject he or she teaches. Except one, he never came… Not the best given example…
The enthusiastic tutors raised our spirits and explained how things work out at the UNED.
I’ll have all tutorials of the five subjects on mondays afternoon to night… 5pm to 10 pm… They are optional but recommended. I’ll attend all of them. They serve to answer doubts and to explain important matter of each topic. Some kind of short masterclasses.

Attended my first online addresses.

As an open university, most resources are available on-line.
Sadly, the first two didn’t work out well… There were still some technical issues.

We also had two chat addresses… The first… well… didn’t worked… Most of us couldn’t read the teachers texts…
The second worked. But was a text hell. It took me about an hour to clean up the transcription…


Each subject has up to two voluntary tasks to do. Although they are voluntary, they mark up to 1 point. Interesting to get a slightly better final mark.

I’ll publish some of my tasks here, if I can ^_^

In one subject I’ve to create a blog with podcasts. When done, I’ll link to it from here.

New friends

Obviously, attending a University, I got some new friends. Really interesting ones ^_^ Of course, we share a lot. We have a common point…

Non-university things…

In my free time I write on my stories. I hope I can make them public on short term. Unfortunately, I only write in spanish, and I won’t translate them as an intermediate term.

As for the rest of my private live, not much has changed ^_^

Until the next post…

I won’t pick a date for my next post… as to much happens.
There are always two reasons to not to update a blog or even your Facebook status… Or a lot happens or nothing… No time or nothing to write about… in my case, the first. I’m rally busy studying and attending classes. And, of course, attending social events.
The first months are always the most stressful… New home, new “school”, new people… I hope I find me some time to update this blog faster, with less time between each post.

Cya… Until the next post ^_^


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Summer ends, Study begins…

Summer vacation is tending to its end and a lot happened ^_^

So, a small summary what happened these last months…

I started my first steps to gain my objective, teaching in Japan.

First steps, first drawbacks…

Two small drawbacks.

First, I thought I could get the English C1 certificate here on the Canary Islands at the EOI (Official Language School of Spain). Only the B2 can be done, for now.

The second, not really a drawback – just a change, I can’t do the Teacher Bachelor at the UNED.
I’ll study Pedagogy.

Now, something completely different (or not) ^_^

I passed the B2 English test at the EOI.

My marks weren’t too bad, except for the speaking part… Not sure exactly why, but it’s a subjective part of the test… I was nervous, my first test in years… ^_^ Anyway, I passed, so here are my marks:


Let’s start with Pedagogy

I begun to read the contents of this bachelor and I find it already interesting ^_^

Also, I’m reading about the history of Pedagogy, just the outline to gain basic notions… The almighty and free Wikipedia helps a lot.

Repeating myself, I’m really more interested in Pedagogy than just a generic Primary school teacher. Being a good teacher is my goal and having a good knowledge about pedagogy is a must.

I’ll write more about this matter while studying.

Short-therm future from now on

Although I’ll study at the UNED, in which I can study from home, I’ll move temporary to Tenerife. There the UNED gives once a week lectures with a teacher where questions about the subject are answered. Furthermore, libraries in Tenerife have the books I need to read. Also, it will be easier to study at the university libraries than study in my home on La Palma.

Now, I know what to study and where to live but I need something to live… money…
I have to look out for a job. It can really be anything, if it’s compatible with the lecture times.
Until now I never wanted to work at a Pub or the like, but I have something more important in mind than a good job for the next four years. ^_^

Let’s see what I can find ^_^

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Beginning of a new adventure

If you visited my blog in its early days, you’ll notice some drastic changes…
Why? The reason of my blog changed.

Some events around the two last months of the last year and at the beginning of the year 2012 happened, which made me make drastic changes in my life…

A lot of things happened last year: I left the animation studio La Casa Animada and the production company La Mirada to join a project of a greater video game company. After working for some months as an external collaborator the project got cancelled. Afterwards other two projects failed. The crisis don’t forgive.
Including a split up with my GF at then end of last year I got lost, unemployed and with no partner… Happy year 2012!


It’s the best time to start from scratch!

First, what should I do?
I’m tired about the film, animation and video game world. Let’s find something else. Tourism industry? Could be easy. I’m fluent in three languages: Spanish, English and German. Hmmm… No motivation…
While searching for alternatives, I got a revealing phone call! Well, not really a phone call… a Skype chat… from my sister Franzisca, she’s travelling through Japan. She tells me that foreign language teachers are really needed, specially English teachers.
Not bad. I could try it. I was always captivated by Japan. It could be a my chance to visit this country and work there. And what’s more, while teaching at the animation courses given by La Mirada and La Casa Animada I found out that I’m quite a good teacher. What I miss, can be learnt. I can work great with children, young and old people as well. It’s set!

My goal: English and Spanish teacher in Japan.

My path will be long. I’ve never studied a bachelor. I can’t get a work visa for Japan without a bachelor of, at last, four years. Not in an easy and cheap way at last.
So, what bachelor should I study? What degree could be useful? Easy: Teacher. This way I get the needed certificate to teach in Asia.

The hard path I have to go:

Because of my 11 year old Spanish COU and Selectividad marks, I can’t begin the degree the easy way… To many changes happened through the last years… A mark about 7,4 over 12 is required. My old mark won’t be recognized in the new system, I just passed… My options: Begin a degree I can enter with my mark and change the following year to my desired degree; or go to the UNED, the Spanish Open University, for the first year and then change to the local university. The UNED only require a passed Selectividad mark or a passed “Ciclo formativo de grado superior”, a two year spanish Technical-Vocational Advanced Diploma. I do have both, so, no problem here. But, there is a snag: it’s not certain if they will teach “Maestro de Educación Primaria” (Primary school teacher) the following school year at the UNED… The alternative: study one year Pedagogy.

 OK, I chose my path, at least which way to take.

My ideal path to take, by years:

  1. Begin the Teacher Degree at the UNED.
  2. Change to the local university, most likely the University of La Laguna in Tenerife, Canary Islands.
  3. One Erasmus year in England to train my English and get a CELTA.
  4. One Séneca (SICUE) year, a national student exchange programme. In a spanish mainland university.
  5. JET programme. One year working as English teacher in Japan sponsored by the Japanese Government.

These 5 years include:

  • Doing the B2 language diplomas in English and German at EOI, the official spanish language school.
  • At least four weeks English practicing during summer vacations, hopefully each summer.
  • Some weeks assisting teachers in Switzerland.
  • A month teaching English in Thailand with a charity.
  • Japanese crash course of 4 years ^_^

In case I can’t study the first year of the Primary School Teacher at the UNED I have to add one year Pedagogy. At least I’d study something useful ^_ ^

Then, what’s the purpose of this blog?

It has two objectives: For myself. I want to write down my own progress and encourage myself to go forward ^_ ^
On the other hand, I want to tell my friends where I am, what I’m doing and where I’m going ^_^

Then from now on I’ll describe how I’m doing on my path to my goal: Japan.


PS: By the way, I write this blog en Spanish too. But I don’t translate, I rewrite my posts based on it’s original. The original could be in Spanish or in English.
This post’s original is in Spanish.

PS 2: This is my first post in English and I lost my habit writing in English. If you find some errors, I’ll be thankful for some corrections.

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こんいちわ、 Konnichiwa ^_^

New life phase, new project, new blog…

I will begin to update this blog shortly and explain it all.

· · · Stay tuned · · ·


– – – –

All is provisional a t the moment, nothing is finished, neither design, functionality nor content…

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